Scheduled Meeting Details

July 13th – Steve Jensen from FXtion USA

He will introducing SimpleX control and monitoring system.


·  Uniform presentation of broadcast equipment: routers, IRD’s, etc.
·  Presents simplified control “panels” to operators. This can reduce errors
·  Specific control panels presented to operators, boss and maintenance
·  Vendor agnostic — vendor independent
·  Scales, across geography and network-scale numbers of channels & feeds
·  Start with a small monitoring operation, add control later


With SimpleX, changes in your broadcast control and monitoring system are quick to implement.

SimpleX can automate complex operations and produce a one button control solution to make changes — steer the dish, configure the receivers, routers and IRDs.

SimpleX equipment interfaces are abstracted to a simple common model. Panel development made easy with AppCode & browser-based panel editor. Uses building-blocks in an object oriented architecture. Makes diagnostics a snap. SimpleX is fully distributed: across processors, servers, geography spanning architecture. Available support for redundant processors, networks. Automatic fail-over. SimpleX drivers and “automatics” run on Linux & Windows systems. Raspberry PI is becoming a common “green” solution processor. SimpleX panels run on Windows, Linux, Mac & Android.