Sibley Ludwell – Treasurer

Transmission Engineer

Retired – Now Journalist

I’m a recovering transmission engineer from the telecom industry (mostly Bell).  I hold BSEE and MBA degrees.  From 1970 until recently, I was a registered Professional Engineer in California and/or New Jersey – I began my career with a few years as a transmitter tech in a moon-radar research facility.

Nowadays, I’m heavily involved in antique-electronics history. I have contributed a battery of articles to the electronic-history “press,” and have edited/produced the bimonthly magazine of the Tube Collectors Association since 1999.  Speaking of which, I have an extensive tube collection in Sams Valley to which visitors are welcome. Just e-mail me at [email protected].

Did I mention that I’m a Ham as well – Sibley is known in Federal circles as KB2EVN.  I am also an alumnus of the 532nd Signal Company, in an Eastern climate.

Cody King – Secretary

Broadcast Engineer

KDRV-TV CH12, Medford OR.

Born in Bremerton, WA. – Living life in the North West. I started video production as a sophomore in high school and kept at it through college.   Since school, I’ve transitioned from Video Production – to a Director – to a Post-Production Editor – to now my favorite position … Broadcast Engineering.

Rick Carrara – Vice Chairman

Chief Engineer

KDRV-TV CH12, Medford OR.

Over 30 years  as a Chief Engineer for KDRV -TV.  My job has been bringing our state of the art TV facility from video tape to video servers — from standard definition analog TV to high definition digital TV — and beyond.